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Warren and Bigelow artifacts loaned to MGH’s Russell Museum

By , April 9, 2013

Urinary calculus crushed and evacuated by Henry Jacob Bigelow, Warren Anatomical Museum, Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine (09101.020)

The Center for the History of Medicine has loaned two artifacts to the Massachusetts General Hospital’s Paul S. Russell, MD Museum of Medical History and Innovation for exhibits on surgeons John Collins Warren (1842-1927) and Henry Jacob Bigelow (1818-1890). The exhibition opened on April 4th and runs until July 31st. The artifacts are displayed in a case on the first floor lobby of the Hospital’s Lunder Building.

From the Warren Anatomical Museum the Center loaned a urinary calculus that Henry Jacob Bigelow removed from a Massachusetts General Hospital patient in 1882. Bigelow crushed the calculus with a lithotrite and flushed the fragments with an evacuator using a technique he innovated and published in his 1878 Litholapaxy; or, Rapid lithotrity with evacuation. The loaned artifact [WAM 09101.020] is one of fifty examples of crushed calculi that Bigelow donated to the Warren Museum.

From the Harvard Medical Library collection, the Center for the History of Medicine loaned six Codman & Shurtleff tumor dissectors developed by Massachusetts General Hospital surgeon and Harvard Medical School professor John Collins Warren. Warren, a noted breast surgeon, designed the knives for tumor removal. The dissectors were donated to the Library by George L. Nardi, M.D. in 1984.


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